IWA is a non-profit professional association and the industries recogized leader in providing educational and certification standards for Web professionals. IAW’s accomplishments include the industries first guidelines for ethical and professional standards. Member since 2005.
PageAuthors became part of the PayPal Team in 2005. PayPal provides a secure and reliable server system for all credit card transactions. PageAuthors continues to be a loyal verified customer of their services. Payment for services can be made online by clicking here.
Writers Guild The HTML Writers Guild is open to all designers who have a complete knowledge of hyper text markup language as it relates to web page design and publishing.   Member since 1996. Microsoft Site Builder Network A network of web designers recognized by the Microsoft Corporation for their use and development in beta testing of Microsoft Front Page design software. Member since 1996. IAWMD International Association of Web Masters and Designers. Acceptance in this association was determined based on recent website designs at time of application. Member since 2001. PageAuthors Web Design
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